Project Management:
Organizations typically don’t fail when they are developing a strategic plan but instead, they fail in the execution of that plan. This is basically because executing strategy consists of two main components, which are doing the right projects and doing projects right. Once you have this down, then effective portfolio management enables companies to do the right projects by ensuring that all projects are aligned to the overall strategy.
eForce Solutions project management capabilities help centralize management and control of projects to ensure that they successfully achieve an organization’s strategic business objectives. Project portfolio management identifies and analyzes all projects and prioritizes them for effectiveness and return on investment. Our approach can rapidly transform your organization into an agile, flexible and effective business capable to react quickly to customers constant changing demands, while increasing business profitability.
Project Management Solutions
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Business Analysis Office
  • Project Management Office
  • Change Management
  • Scope Management
  • Risk Management
  • Schedule Management
Our consultants have rich experience and domain knowledge to deliver first-class solutions and continue to be client-focused and results driven. Our team includes professionals with manufacturing, healthcare, retail, insurance and other industry backgrounds and are:
  • PMI Certified
  • With deep understanding of project management methodologies including PMBOK, CMMI, ISO, and ITIL